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Myzone at Achieve Lifestyle

Myzone is a chest strap and monitoring system that displays heart rate, calories, time and effort to the Myzone app, a tv or a monitor.

Once you have purchased and created your Myzone account on the Myzone app or at your Myzone belt is automatically detected on your Myzone app.
(For your facility code, ask the fitness team or at reception).

Belts can be purchased at Achieve Lifestyle, while stocks last! you can also purchase online at here.

On the screen on your app, you will have a dedicated tile that shows your nickname, calories burnt, current heart rate in beats per minute, Myzone effort points and in the centre a % of your maximum effort.

Myzone uses five colour-coded heart rate zones to establish the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate (max HR).

The Five Myzone Zones

The Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) are points you accumulate for every minute of physical activity.

The higher the intensity of your workout, the higher the number of MEPs per minute.

Myzone Updated Performance Metrics
My Zone
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