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Term Timetable:

Please find our term time timetable below – you can filter by day of the week, time or activity.

Our timetable is subject to change and will be updated frequently on our website. During the school holidays we operate a holiday timetable.

Please note, our opening hours on Bank Holiday Mondays are always 8am-4pm (with the exception of swimming lessons which still run as usual unless it falls within the swimming lesson break).
View Term Time Timetable (PDF Version)
MondayMon06:00 - 13:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
MondayMon12:15 - 13:00AquaSmall Pool
MondayMon13:30 - 14:30Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 5
MondayMon13:15 - 15:15Toddler Splash SessionSmall Pool
MondayMon14:30 - 15:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
MondayMon18:15 - 19:15Lane Swim (Fast)8
MondayMon18:15 - 19:15Lane Swim (Slow)7
MondayMon19:15 - 20:15Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
MondayMon19:15 - 20:00AquaSmall Pool
MondayMon20:15 - 21:15Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 4
TuesdayTue06:00 - 13:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
TuesdayTue11:30 - 13:30Egham ConstellationsSmall Pool
TuesdayTue13:30 - 14:30Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 4
TuesdayTue13:45 - 15:15Toddler Splash SessionSmall Pool
TuesdayTue14:30 - 15:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
TuesdayTue15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
TuesdayTue15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Slow)4
TuesdayTue16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
TuesdayTue16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Fast)4
TuesdayTue17:30 - 18:15Lane Swim (Slow)3
TuesdayTue17:30 - 18:15Lane Swim (Fast)4
TuesdayTue18:15 - 21:15Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
TuesdayTue18:45 - 19:30AquaSmall Pool
WednesdayWed06:00 - 13:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
WednesdayWed07:00 - 07:45AquaSmall Pool
WednesdayWed12:15 - 13:00AquaSmall Pool
WednesdayWed13:30 - 14:30Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 4
WednesdayWed14:30 - 15:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
WednesdayWed15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
WednesdayWed15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Slow)4
WednesdayWed16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
WednesdayWed16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Fast)4
WednesdayWed17:30 - 18:15Lane Swim (Slow)3
WednesdayWed17:30 - 18:15Lane Swim (Fast)4
WednesdayWed18:15 - 19:15Lane Swim (All Levels)5 - 7
ThursdayThu06:00 - 09:45Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
ThursdayThu09:45 - 12:00Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 5
ThursdayThu12:00 - 13:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
ThursdayThu13:30 - 14:30Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 5
ThursdayThu14:30 - 15:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
ThursdayThu15:30 - 16:45Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 4
ThursdayThu16:45 - 18:15Lane Swim (Medium)3
ThursdayThu16:45 - 18:15Lane Swim (Slow)4
ThursdayThu18:15 - 18:45Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
ThursdayThu18:45 - 19:30AquaSmall Pool
ThursdayThu18:45 - 19:45Lane Swim (Medium)7
ThursdayThu18:45 - 19:45Lane Swim (Fast)8
ThursdayThu19:45 - 21:15Lane Swim (All Levels)6 - 8
FridayFri06:00 - 08:00Lane Swim (All Levels)4 - 8
FridayFri08:00 - 15:30Lane Swim (All Levels)1 - 8
FridayFri12:15 - 13:00AquaSmall Pool
FridayFri13:15 - 15:15Toddler Splash SessionSmall Pool
FridayFri15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
FridayFri15:30 - 16:30Lane Swim (Slow)4
FridayFri16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Medium)3
FridayFri16:30 - 17:30Lane Swim (Fast)4
FridayFri17:30 - 18:30Lane Swim (Slow)3
FridayFri17:30 - 18:30Lane Swim (Fast)4
FridayFri18:30 - 19:15Lane Swim (All Levels)3 - 8
SaturdaySat08:00 - 09:00Lane Swim (Medium)4
SaturdaySat08:00 - 09:00Lane Swim (Fast)3
SaturdaySat08:30 - 16:45Toddler Splash SessionSmall Pool
SaturdaySat09:00 - 10:00Lane Swim (Slow)3
SaturdaySat09:00 - 10:00Lane Swim (Medium)4
SaturdaySat10:00 - 10:45Lane Swim (Slow)3
SaturdaySat10:00 - 10:45Lane Swim (Fast)4
SaturdaySat12:45 - 16:45Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)1 - 4
SaturdaySat12:45 - 16:45General Swim Session5 - 8
SundaySun08:00 - 12:00Lane Swim (All Levels)2 - 4
SundaySun11:15 - 16:45General Swim Session5 - 8
SundaySun12:45 - 16:45Toddler Splash SessionSmall Pool
SundaySun12:00 - 16:45Lane Swim (All Levels)1-4
Lane Swim (All Levels)

Lanes of various speeds available, suitable for competent swimmers who are aged 8 and above.

Lane Swim (Slow)

A leisurely paced swim with one length taking approximately 50 seconds and over, suitable for competent swimmers who are aged 8 and above.

Lane Swim (Medium)

A general level swim with one length taking approximately 30-50 seconds, suitable for competent swimmers who are aged 8 and above.

Lane Swim (Fast)

For confident swimmers only, with one length taking approximately 30 seconds or less.

Lane Swim (Deep Swim 1.8m Only)

Lanes of various speeds available in deep water, suitable for competent swimmers who are aged 8 and above.


A fun group exercise class in the small pool suitable for all fitness levels (ages 16+ only)

General Swim Session

A fun session in the main pool for all. You are welcome to bring you own small floats and toys. Please note: Inflatables, balls and snorkels are not permitted (Adult to child ratios apply)

Toddler Splash Session

A parent and child experience for under 3s within our small pool, with a 1:1 Adult to Child ratio.

Inflatable Splash Session

Race across our giant pool inflatable! Suitable for competent swimmers aged 8 and above only.

Family Splash Session

Your own designated section of our small pool for up to 4 family members, including use of the splash pad (Adult to child ratios apply)

Egham Constellations

Accessible swim session ran by a group of volunteers with transport provided to and from Egham Orbit - please book through Egham Constellations to attend.

Holiday Timetable:

Please see below for our Holiday Swim Timetables.

May Half Term Dates: 30th May to 5th June 

Please note on Thursday 2nd June & Friday 3rd June the pool will be open 8am-3.15pm

For more details on our holiday, weekend & fun sessions click HERE

Click the button below to download the timetable:

View May Half Term Timetable (30th May – 5th June 22)

Important Information:

  • Our 25m eight lane pool at Egham Orbit has a movable floor with lanes of varying depths: Lanes 1-2: Deep, 3-4: Sloped, 5-8: Shallow
  • We recommend all sessions are booked in advance to guarantee your space. More information on how to book each activity can be found below.
  • Please check in at Reception or swipe through the turnstiles before the session starts to record your visit.
  • You can arrive up to 20 minutes before your session start time (with the exception of 6am sessions as the building opens for 6am).
  • The changing village is available for before & after your swim. Please bring a pound coin or padlock for a locker.
  • Please ensure you use the showers before entering the pool to ensure we keep our pool environment as clean as possible.

How To Book:

1) Call 01784 333111
2) Book online HERE for Lane Swimming, Aqua Classes, Family Splash & Toddler Splash, or HERE for Inflatable Splash & Fun Splash
3) Book on the Achieve Lifestyle App: FREE download on Apple & Android. Search for ‘Egham Orbit’ to add your new club.

Please note, a cancellation policy applies.

More Information On Swim Sessions
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