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Swimming Membership Information:

All lessons are paid for via a monthly Direct Debit will be taken on the 1st of each month – you can enrol at any time! Any lessons that take place before the first Direct Debit will include an upfront Pro Rata payment. Lessons run for 46 weeks per year as we believe that students learn through routine and consistency, therefore we do not close on every school holiday. We have planned closures for 2 weeks at Easter, Summer and Christmas (6 weeks in total).

You will receive an automatic confirmation email once you are on the system with all of the Direct Debit details.

For Adult & Baby lessons we accept babies from birth. These sessions take place in our small pool and require a parent/guardian to take part:

Discovery Ducklings 1 & 2: 0-1 years
Discovery Ducklings 3 & 4: 1-2 years
Ducklings 1 & 2: 2-3 years
Ducklings 3 & 4: 3-5 years

For Stage 1 lessons, children be a minimum of aged 4.

The minimum period of contract is 3 full monthly payments. Swimming lessons will continue by Direct Debit on a monthly basis, unless a written notice of termination is received.

Our full Terms & Conditions can be found here.

You can cancel your swimming lessons after your minimum period of contract by completing the relevant form.

If you complete the cancellation request form by the 15th of the month, then your swimming lessons and Direct Debit payments will be cancelled at the end of that month. Requests received after the 15th of the month will result in your swimming lessons and Direct Debit payments continuing until the end of the following month.

CLICK HERE to proceed to the cancellation form

For full terms and conditions, please click here

The monthly DD allows for 1 lesson a week for 46 weeks of the year.  If you would like additional lessons this would require additional DD payments to be set up.

Unfortunately due to the high demand for our lessons we do not have capacity to accept children on a one-off basis. Any trials or tasters would take up a space for someone who wishes to enrol.

We cannot offer catch-up lessons or refunds for missed lessons due to holidays or illness, unfortunately. It is advised to consider this before booking a holiday or making other committments.

Unfortunately due to the high demand for our classes and to maintain a good level of consistency with the teacher, we are unable to offer catch up sessions or alternative days for particular weeks.

Monitoring Progress & Moving Lessons:

All swim school members receive access to their own Course Pro HomePortal account as part of their membership, which can be used to find out information about your child’s lessons and monitor their progress. You can also add additional children to your account if you have more than one child enrolled onto our swimming programme.

Access the Home Portal here

You can check your child’s progress at any time on the HomePortal here.

Once your child has reached 100% within their current stage, the teacher will put them forward for a movement. Please allow up to 7 days for this movement to be activated.

Once this movement has been activated, you will receive an email notifying you of the movement. From here, please log on to home portal to view all the available times and days for the new classes. Further email notification will then be sent with your new class day/time.

All certificates and badges are £4.00 and can be paid for at Reception.

The swim teacher should have a good idea of whether or not the swimmer is signed up for the appropriate level after the first lesson. If you have any questions regarding level placement, please speak to the swimming teacher. If a swimming teacher feels a pupil is in the wrong stage, the pupil may be transferred to another lesson which is the appropriate stage, space permitting. Once the movement has been agreed, you will be able to choose a new lesson through your Home Portal account.

If you cannot make the day or time of the lesson that you are enrolled onto, there may be an alternative lesson of the same stage with availablity for you to move to. Please email with the subject ‘Movement Request’ and include the swimmer’s full name and stage in the email. The swim team can then activate the movement option on your HomePortal account.

Please allow up to 7 days for this movement to be activated.

Once this movement has been activated, you will receive an email notifying you of the movement. From here, please log on to home portal to view all the available times and days for the new classes. Further email notification will then be sent with your new class day/time once you have chosen it. If there are no suitable classes then the swimmer will remain in their current class until a slot becomes available and the movement is made. Please note, the system is a live system so please do check regularly as availability on lessons is constantly changing as swimmers move between classes.

If you are unable to see any new availability this is due to the lessons for that stage being fully booked at this time, however availability does tend to change on a regular basis and if there is not a space available immediately, it is recommended that you regularly check the home portal for an updated view of the available days and times of lessons.

Currently, we are aware that Stages 3, 4, 7 & 9 are particularly busy at present, thus a waitlist will be in operation for these stages.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email with the following information:

  • Swimmers Full Name
  • Swimming Stage Required
  • Preferred Days/Times – Please provide as many options as possible.

Please note, as we operate a live booking system the waitlist operates in conjunction with your home portal access, so please continue to keep a regular check on the home portal.

Yes, you can continue to attend your current lesson whilst waiting for a space.

  • If all the lessons are fully booked on all days and you have been waiting for a space in the next lesson stage, for more than 1 calendar month, a membership freeze can be applied, provided your current space has been given up.
  • If you choose to give up your space in your current lesson, your swimming lesson membership will be frozen for a maximum of 3 months. 
  • If in the unlikely event a suitable space cannot be found within 3 months, your frozen membership DD mandate will be terminated.
  • Should a space become available after 3 months, you would be required to re-join.

Please email: if you would like a membership freeze applied.

Please note:

  • Written notice via email is required to be provided by the 15th of the month requesting a freeze, thus your Direct Debits will be frozen at the beginning of the following month.
  • Emails received after the 15th of the month will result in the Direct Debit payments continuing until the end of the following month.
  • Swimming lessons can continue as long as a Direct debit is in place.

General Pool Information:

Our pools are kept at a temperature ranging from 28 – 29 degrees Celsius for the main pool and 30-31 degrees Celsius for the small pool.

In the unlikely event of the pool not being available for us to use due to a technical difficulties or health and safety issues, we would offer you credit to be used against a future booking.

No, photography isn’t allowed during swimming lessons. There is no guarantee of other children not appearing in your photograph, and therefore we cannot allow the use of any photographic equipment in or around the pool hall during this time.

Swimwear should be specifically designed for swimming, comfortably tight fitting to allow full freedom of limb and body movement and secondly that it must not cause any form of drag or water resistance. This will aid both safety and the learning experience. Pupils may wear a fitted rash tee in the water (t-shirts restrict movement and are discouraged from being worn as swimming attire).

Boys – jammer, square trunk/shorts, above the knee, and must be secure enough to stay put while jumping into the water (ideally not board shorts as this can affect their kicking).

Girls – A full one piece costume.

Children may wear googles (not masks with nose covered pieces), as long as the child can put the googles on themselves and maintain them. The swim teacher would like to avoid disrupting class time and pupils maybe asked to remove them if they are providing a distraction. Swim Teachers may ask children to remove them for certain skills (unless there is a medical reason for goggles to be worn).

Swimming Hats:
A coloured swimming hat will be issued when joining swim school and new hats will be issued when transferring to the next teaching stage. Children must wear their hats to lessons.


Our team of swimming teachers hold nationally accredited Swim England or Swimming Teachers Association Certificates, along with current first aid and DBS checks. All teachers that teach infant or disability lessons hold specialised qualifications.

In the event of a swimming teacher being absent for a lesson, Egham Orbit are within their rights to change the swimming teacher to make sure that your lesson is covered.

In the event we are unable to provide a replacement teacher and need to cancel the lesson, we will provide a refund for the value of the session. The refund will be paid directly into the bank account set up for the direct debit. We will endeavour to inform customers as soon as possible of any cancellations and this will be communicated via either email, text message or phone call

For any further swimming lesson enquiries please call Egham Orbit Reception on 01784 333111 or email

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