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Infant Aquatic Programme:

Our Adult & Baby sessions offer entry level sessions designed to build water confidence. These sessions take place in our small pool and require a parent/guardian to take part. The stages of our Adult & Baby sessions are listed below:

Discovery Ducklings 1 & 2: 0-1 years

Discovery Ducklings 3 & 4: 1-2 years

Ducklings 1 & 2: 2-3 years

Ducklings 3 & 4: 3-5 years

Read Our Lesson FAQs

Join Us:

Due to an unprecedented demand for lessons we are now at full capacity and at present are unable to take on any new swimmers. 

We hope to be able to open spaces to new members soon, but at present we do not have a timescale for when this will be.  However, as soon as we have availability, the lesson slots will be visible via our online booking system & will be communicated via our website and social media channels.

All group lesson fees are collected via a monthly Direct Debit on the 1st of each month:
30 minute lessons – £32 a month per child
55 minute lessons – £41.50 a month per child

The minimum period of contract is 3 full monthly payments as per our terms & conditions.

Lessons run for 46 weeks per year as we believe that students learn through routine and consistency, therefore, we do not close on every school holiday.  We only have closures for a total of 6 weeks; 2 week period during Easter, 2 weeks during the Summer and 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. The monthly direct debit payment is to cover the 46 weeks that we operate our swimming lessons.

If  you have any other queries, please email and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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