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The Achiever Series – GP Referral Client Testimonial – Liz

This month’s Achiever Series includes a brilliant testimonial from one of our GP Referral clients – Liz.

Liz initially had some apprehension about the programme, but those concerns were quickly dispelled by the warm and friendly welcome they received from Helen, one of our instructors. Throughout the programme, the instructors, including Mo and Steph, were encouraging, motivating, and attentive to each participant’s needs and progress. Helen, in particular, oversaw Liz’s programme and progress, creatively customizing exercises and equipment to accommodate her fitness level.

Thank you Liz for your glowing review of the team.

“I embarked on the 12-week GP Referral Programme (in November 2022) with some trepidation and many questions. However, any concerns immediately dissolved when I was met with a warm and friendly greeting by Helen, who had a genuine interest in addressing my specific needs and goals.

All the instructors – Helen, Mo, and Steph – who have led the classes I’ve attended (by choice and with guidance) have been encouraging, motivating, and individually attentive. Their interest in our needs and progress has been remarkable, creating a fun and energising atmosphere, which makes us keen to return.

Helen, in particular, has been personally overseeing my programme and progress. She has shown such mature commitment and sensitivity to getting the right exercises for me at a gradual and unhurried pace. Gyms can be quite daunting places for unfit newcomers, especially for some of us more senior ones! Helen has creatively customized many of the exercises and equipment to “stretch but not stress” me and others in our classes.

I have so appreciated Helen’s and her colleagues’ patience, care, enthusiasm, and evident expertise – all are consummate professionals in their field.”

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