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Session Cancellation Policy:

We understand that there are occasions where you may be unable to attend your booking, but please endeavour to follow our cancellation policy and notice period to allow other members to redeem your space. Please find our cancellation policy for pre-booked activities below.

The following cancellation periods apply to all group exercise classes and lane swimming:

  • For early morning sessions (any sessions starting before 9am) the cancellation period will be by 8pm the day before.
  • All sessions starting from 9am onwards must be cancelled at least 3 hours before the start time.
  • Any cancellations less than 3 hours before the class or after 8pm for early morning (but still before the session starts) will be classed as a late cancellation.

Late Cancellation & No Show Penalties:

Please note, all sessions must be swiped in for no more than 20 minutes before the start time. Therefore if you are using the gym before your class, please return back to Reception before your class in order to register your attendance.

A charge of £5.50 per no show will be applied to the member’s account (when no cancellation is made).

If a cancellation is made but it is not within the cancellation period it is classed as a late cancellation. A strike system will operate per late cancellation for members. If a member has 2 strikes within a 14 day period, this will result in a 7 day booking freeze, meaning that you are unable to book in advance for 7 days, however you can still book on the day. If you fail to cancel or fail to show up on the day, the 7 day freeze will continue for a further 7 day period. If no further strikes take place within the following 14 days from the first strike then the strike is removed from the account.

PAYG Bookings:
For pay-as-you-go bookings, a late cancellation or no-show will result in the fee being forfeited for that session, as well as a strike being added onto the account. The same strike system as above applies. If a pay-as-you-go customer cancels within the notice period, then they can be refunded or credited the full amount by visiting Reception.

Waiting List Process:

  • When a space becomes available on a waiting list then the system will automatically add the first customer on the waiting list
  • It is then your responsibility to keep an eye on your emails and cancel if you would no longer like the allocated space
  • As more spaces become available, the system keeps adding the customers at the top of the list onto the session
  • The system will stop automatically moving customers from the waiting list 3 hours before the session starts (or at 8pm for the early morning sessions)
  • The system will also clear down and disable the waiting lists 3 hours before the session
  • This then means that any spaces that are available / become available can still be booked

Please Note:

  • Charges can be paid over the phone or at the centre.
  • Until all outstanding charges are paid, the customer will no longer be able to book any sessions.
  • Achieve Lifestyle can waive fees for sudden short notice cancellations when related to extreme circumstances, but this will be at company discretion.
  • We will continue to monitor the system and always listen to our customer feedback which can be left online HERE
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