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About me

Andrew Seabrook


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Boxing For Fitness
  • Master Kettlebells
  • VIPR & TRX Instructor


  • Boxing
  • Cardio Combat
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
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My Background

My fitness journey started in my mid-teens with Shotokan Karate and weight training from home over 5 years. I then moved onto kickboxing that helped improve my fitness and confidence tremendously.

After taking different career paths that I realised eventually were not for me, I decided to go for it and at 34 I completed my level 2 fitness instructor qualification. This opened the door to help me achieve my boxing for fitness qualification and my personal training qualification in the consecutive years while improving my knowledge of exercise and nutrition.

Finding out how improving your health, fitness and nutrition can also improve the other aspects of your life, for example making you a better parent/partner/employee/employer, plus I know from experience how it helps with mental illness and conditions. Learning to adapt and overcome obstacles and finding out what works personally best for myself and other people is important because nutrition and exercise definitely is not “one size fits all”.

I have found it is about having a good relationship with food and building daily, healthy habits  instead of crash dieting, meal replacement shakes or diet pills. Focus on your all-round strength and fitness then the aesthetics will follow! Give exercise everything you have, but at the same time enjoy the type of exercise and activity you do.

What Can I Offer You?

It doesn’t matter about conditions/injuries, even if you are worried it is too late to improve your health, fitness and well being, together we will find a way to work around obstacles, train well but also train safe at the same time. I will help you feel at ease about any concerns or questions you have while making give 100% within your abilities, I will also be able to give advice about calories, protein and creating sustainable, life_changing habits while not having to cut out the foods you love . It is never too late to improve on yourself mentally and physically plus contrary to popoular belief, you don’t need to turn your life upside down to achieve it.


“I’ve been training with Andy for 6 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed getting myself fitter physically and mentally.

Andy’s larger than life personality helps drive the PT sessions and he is always on hand for questions on nutrition and exercises to complete yourself at home which helps you improve quickly.

From the very beginning, Andy listened to what I enjoyed about exercising and centered our varied routines around the core elements discussed and adapted it along the way.

I can highly recommend Andy to start your new journey towards a better you!”

Jamie, Egham

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