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"My fitness journey with Marta has been one of the most amazing and challenging experiences of my life"


My Transformation Story, by Gayathri Srivatsan

24th August 2020

"I have always been a gym and workout person but didn't have the proper guidance or vision to work towards my goals. That’s why I decided to talk to Marta, and on the very first meeting I knew I had found the right coach for myself.

One of the unique qualities of Marta is that she is very client focused. She listens, understands what you're looking to achieve on your fitness path and designs a plan based on that. With her there are no short cut methods to achieve what you want.

I have trained with Marta for over 1.5 years now and never before have I seen such massive improvement in my overall fitness. Weight training was something I had always been nervous about as it’s easy to get injured. Marta helped me overcome that fear by focussing on the technique right from the start. She designed a plan based on my fitness level then and gradually made it challenging over time.

I have lost 13 kg training with Marta, along with improved stamina and strength. Training sessions with her had been tough at times, but her support and encouragement always got me through. Also her wicked sense of humour is something I got to know.

I would 100% recommend Marta to anyone who is seeking to see real changes in their fitness journey. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and most of all very very committed towards helping her clients achieve their goals."


You can follow Marta on Instagram here: @smarta.coach or head over to her Facebook page for educational and inspirational content to help you on your fitness journey.