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"I never imagined that I would enjoy lifting weights but I do!"


15th April 2020


I have been training on and off with Marta since May 2016. My only forms of exercise prior to that were running and long walks. I was starting to get knee and ankle pain so wanted to try the gym again. I have been a member of different gyms irregularly since I was 21 but never really progressed or felt that I had made any positive changes. I re-joined in October 2015 but felt completely lost. It wasn’t until I joined a class in February 2016 and met Marta, that I started to feel at bit more comfortable in the gym.

In this class I realised that I couldn’t do half of the exercises that everyone else could. It was embarrassing but Marta spent time with me and adjusted the exercises to suit me. It wasn’t too long before I could manage much more. I loved the fact that we could have a laugh about my terrible balance and awkwardness. I didn’t feel judged or a failure at any point.

This class led to Personal Training sessions with Marta. I never imagined that I would enjoy lifting weights but I do! I even love split squats! Who knew?! Marta has developed plans to suit me and my goals, and has continually adjusted the type of exercise when I have struggled. For example, I really couldn’t manage correct form when doing deadlifts with a barbell, but managed much better with the same weight using kettle bells. Marta always paid special attention to my weaknesses to ensure that I developed in all areas.

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I can honestly say that PT has changed my life. I actually enjoy going to the gym and feel much more comfortable and confident. My running has improved significantly, I no longer experience any pain. Marta has encouraged me to try spinning as an alternative cardio activity. I had always been scared of these classes for fear of falling off the bike or not being able to keep up with everyone, but Marta’s nurturing has made me realise that I can achieve anything if I put the effort in.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, I continually struggle to fit in enough sessions each week with a demanding job in the NHS and a long daily commute. Marta has been tough on me when she can see that I am prioritising work over my training and overall well-being. I have also sustained injuries which have hampered my progress. I have been disheartened many times. However, Marta has always managed to keep me going and point out the positives.

Writing this, I feel quite emotional. It has made me reflect on where I was 3 years ago and what Marta has helped me achieve. I am 50 next year and hope by then to be at my fittest! I feel healthier now than I have ever done and much stronger. My shape has changed and I am much happier with the way I look. I still want to achieve more and feel that I am now equipped with skills and drive to do this.


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