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Are you getting tired of a constant one step forward and two steps back?

But what if those two steps back were in fact two steps closer to your desired destination? 


Backwards running, also known as reverse running, is a less natural form of running, but studies show that the benefits include reduced muscular imbalance and reduced knee pain. The current record for the fastest backward five-kilometre race stands at 19 minutes and 31 seconds which is faster than most of us can hit the finish line with our best foot forward!


Forty members of 'Reverse Run Egham', the latest online backwards running community, were sent a survey and 90% of them claimed that the only factor preventing them from replacing all of their forward runs with backward runs was the danger of colliding with a passerby and the concern of social distancing. But with the new handheld mirror from RearView Run Ltd, it might just become the most popular way to get those miles in during the one hour of daily outdoor exercise. The mirror works similarly to a selfie stick and enables you to see exactly where you are going. This will help all backward runners improve their technique, speed and most importantly safety.


Coming soon to Egham Orbit....

  • Reverse Zumba (look out for Abmuz on the timetable) - find out what some of your favourite latin tunes sound like when they are played in reverse!
  • Les Mills in reverse with our 'Backwards Body Pump' and 'Backwards Body Combat' - your opponent won't know what's coming! 

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