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From suffering from a back injury to deadlifting double my bodyweight!


By Ramsey Farraj

30th October 2019


I started training with Marta in May 2018. She was recommended by my physiotherapist and my friends. In August 2017 I injured my upper back. It was so bad that I had to literally roll out of bed in the morning having not slept due to the pain. The GP prescribed strong painkillers, which due to the nature of my job meant, that I couldn’t go to work. Even going to the gym was a risk as any progress could have been undone with one bad workout!

I also wanted to get fitter and stronger so that I could keep up with my young children. In other words, I wanted “functional fitness”, to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. And Marta has a good reputation with helping people achieve their goals.

I had been training in the gym for years. And, I assume like most people, I thought I had a fairly good grasp of what I needed to do. I had a regular, varied routine and I felt quite fit. My training with Marta started with a “back to basics” series of sessions, as from the outset it was apparent, that I was woefully uneducated in the skill required or nutritional knowledge needed.

Under Marta’s watchful eye and encouragement I quickly progressed to a strength phase. My past weightlifting PB's were smashed as I changed my previous poor technique, as well as my nutrition - I had to start eating more! I was soon able to deadlift just over twice my body weight, something I never thought I’d be able to do!


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My main objective of protecting my back and never feeling the pain again was met. In the consultation with Marta we then decided it was time to move on and progress beyond that. My new target was to get leaner and reveal what I'd built over the past 10 months.

I found that to be the most difficult phase. I had to learn how to plan my meals and change my snacking to help me consistently stay on target. But with support from Marta I managed to get rid of unwanted body fat. And even though I ended up weighing the same as when I started personal training, I had to buy new clothes! You can see the difference in the photos!

Personal training with Marta has been an education. I’ve learnt a lot in my 16 months training. Most importantly, my back is better than ever, pain free! I am stronger and I have significantly developed my physique. Also, at a recent medical check up for work it was noted, that my resting heart rate is 58 beats per minute! Not only am I getting stronger, I’m getting aerobically fitter as well! A final bonus is I get to eat (healthy most of the time, of course) but with regular treats!

Weight training has been a very positive experience and one that I hope to continue for many years to come.

You can follow Marta on Instagram here: @smarta.coach or head over to her Facebook page for educational and inspirational content to help you on your fitness journey. 


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