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Losing interest..Getting bored of the gym..even thinking of quitting? But why?


Introductory Blog:

By Personal Trainer Edmund Edge


This introductory blog, is one of a series looking at why people lose interest, get bored and unfortunately leave the gym.


By addressing some common issues, these blogs will provide our gym users with more knowledge, advice and motivation, to help them achieve their fitness goals.



We all have different dreams, desires, goals and fitness challenges which we want to achieve in the gym. However meeting them is not always easy and unfortunately many people don’t get the results they seek. This introductory blog will try to explain why and what you can do about it. 


Your success in the gym, will often come down to two things:

  • Your goals, desires and motivation.
  • Your understanding of the health and fitness process.


Like the other personal trainers who work the gym floor, I take people for their gym inductions; some gym users I have since seen weekly and some I’ve never seen again! Why?

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, who wants to see all our members succeeding and enjoying reaching their fitness goals, it is disappointing. On the other hand we have gym regulars who we see week in and week out throughout the year.

Why do some members drop out so quickly (and in the long run too)? I suspect that it is not due to a lack of work ethic but a lack of understanding about the health and fitness process. Before we take our new gym members for their induction, we ask them to complete a Physically Active Readiness – Questionnaire (PAR-Q); you may remember doing this yourself, when you joined.




One of the boxes on the PAR-Q asks: “What is your fitness goal?” 

A lot of people write ‘Lose weight’. Some men write “Get big” (gain muscle).


Now I know members are quickly writing down their fitness goals. However, an issue with just writing ‘Lose weight’ or ‘Get big’ is that they are not very precise; having a goal is great, but the answers are vague as they do not include what you have to do or how you will do it; nor are they time bound!

A concern with these types of fitness goals is that they are not just physical; they are also aesthetic/psychological. Aiming to look physically strong/fit is actually somewhat misleading because some people think, that these fitness goals will make them feel positive and confident, while gaining the external approval of others. And that is one of the problems with these goals, they are focused on outcomes - therefore making it difficult to appreciate the small improvements members need to make each week, on their way to their goals (and enjoying their journey too!)


The next blog (Part 1: Losing interest... Getting bored of the gym... even thinking of quitting?) will go into more detail by looking at measurable and non-measurable fitness goals; and as an important consequence why members do not (or do) achieve their fitness goals.     

I look forward to sharing your ideas through future blogs.

And in the mean time, when sweating over the treadmill, weights and mats or quietly cursing your circuits instructor under your breath, remember the words of the man who more than likely, put the mobile phone in your hand:


“The journey is the reward.”

- Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


What Can Personal Training Do For Me?

Whether you just need some extra motivation or have a specific goal in mind, a Personal Trainer at Achieve Lifestyle can work with you to build a personal action plan and help you to achieve your goals by coaching you through the process, using their knowledge and expertise.

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