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My Transformation Story by Dani - Trained by Marta

1st July 2019

weight lifting guest blog

From dress size 24 to 12 in a year.

Having worked within a toxic working environment and of course settling down into a long-term relationship and suddenly, I’ve put on 5st!  I knew I needed to do something about it, when I found myself going on holiday, not wanting to be seen in any pictures. And the realisation, that my weight gain was stopping me from going to certain places due to how uncomfortable I felt at the thought of bumping into people from the past. 

Luckily enough, I found myself a new, healthy job, which included a gym membership… It took me a while to gain the confidence to even step in the gym at first. And when I was there, I felt too uncomfortable to do anything other than cardio, managing to lose around 2kg in a month.

I had noticed Marta in the gym and followed her on social media for a few months, until I plucked up the confidence to make an appointment with her. I’d be lying, if I said, I didn’t pick her due to how scary (and amazing) she looked in her body building photos… I knew she would be the one to put me in my place.

“I’ve only had a sandwich for lunch, can we have Chinese for dinner?” – Turns out a big sandwich from the bakery, a drink and some crisps (totalling around 600+ calories!)

“I don’t want to lift weights; I don’t want to look manly” – Embarrassing statement and I clearly didn’t understand and appreciate the discipline and skill you need to look even slightly toned!

Marta knew exactly how to handle me. At first we came to terms with my eating habits and she slowly introduced me to weight machines. At this point I felt good after our sessions, as opposed to other experiences, where personal trainers have killed me on the first session, resulting in not being able to move for a week and never coming back. 

Around 2 months in, it was as if something had switched, I was comfortable in the gym, Marta helped me understand my eating habits and the next thing I know, I’m actually enjoying being a sweaty mess, I’m feeling pain in places I didn’t know existed and I’m losing 1kg+ a week! 

My journey has not only been physically challenging, but I have struggled mentally. Just having the strength to go to the gym, when you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, to stop eating for pleasure (and drinking alcohol), to not giving up when I’ve put on weight, and even distancing myself from toxic people, has been the hardest thing.

Marta was able to support me throughout the whole process. Not only when at the gym, but whenever I’d be at home feeling sorry for myself or had the sudden urge to binge. She knew, when I needed a break, before I’d even realise, and she has taught me the importance of listening and looking after my body.

Without Marta none of this would be possible. I dread to think, how much money I’d spent on pointless fat losing treatments before. And now, within a year, I’ve hit my goal and have never been so fit.

Yes, personal training is expensive, but if you find the right trainer, someone who you look up to and who practices what they preach, then it’s worth every penny. I will always be grateful of Marta’s knowledge, patience and passion throughout my journey. It has been a life changing process, which will stick with me. I have walked away happy, confident and with a friend for life, which is priceless.


You can follow Marta on Instagram here: @smarta.coach or head over to her Facebook page for educational and inspirational content to help you on your fitness journey. 


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