4th February 2016


Achieve Lifestyle's Sport Relief Mile

Achieve Lifestyle is proud to be hosting a Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile at Egham Leisure Centre on Sunday 20th March 2016.

Why not do yourself proud for Sport Relief 2016 and sign up now! Click HERE and type in postcode TW20 8NL to join our event.


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12th January 2016

Achieve Lifestyle’s Super Challenge!

Join our CEO, Hazel Aitken, in attending ALL 100 classes on Achieve Lifestyle's group exercise timetables throughout 2016 (that’s approx. 2 classes per week). FANTASTIC prizes including a Weekend Break, PLUS a Personalised Trophy, PLUS a T Shirt, for anyone completing the challenge before 2017! And it’ll be great motivation to keep fit throughout the year.

For further information and to register your interest, please email admin@achievelifestyle.co.uk



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9th December 2015


Congratulations to our Head Coach, Gayle Caple and her gymnastics team who put on a fantastic display at Achieve Lifestyle last Sunday! Thanks to everyone involved, we really enjoyed the show!

For more information about gymnastics at Achieve Lifestyle, from beginner through to advanced levels, CLICK HERE


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12th November 2015


Christmas calorie burner


The challenge

Burn as many calories as you can between 16th Nov – 15th Dec.


How to get started

Purchase a Wellness key from reception if you haven’t already done so and then speak to a Fitness Advisor to set up an account. Then join the challenge on the app on your phone or on the Unity system in the gym.


Recording your calories

Every time you use a cardio machine in the gym e.g. a treadmill, insert your key to allow it to record the number of calories burned. Calories burned during classes can also be manually entered at the end of your workout using the app on your phone or the Unity system in the gym. Your results will automatically be recorded on your Wellness profile.


The winner...

will be announced just after 15th Dec.

Good luck!