From Tuesday 15th May we will be introducing an updated process for our class waiting lists


We have been experiencing very high traffic in our fitness classes and have been finding that those on the waiting lists are not always able to get booked on when spaces become available, which we appreciate can been frustrating.


To assist with this issue we are introducing a system where once a space becomes available on a class then an automated email will be sent out to all those on that waiting list. Within the email will be a link, which will enable you to book straight onto the class (as long as a space is still available) 


It is hoped that this will ensure that everyone on the waiting lists gets an equal opportunity to book a space, and we do not have classes running which are not full but have had a waiting list


To ensure that customers receive the waiting list email it is important that we have a valid email address on your account, so it is recommended to check your account details or speak to a member of staff