What have Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tiger Woods, Iggy Pop and Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol all got in common? They all practice the ancient art of Ki Gong!


Ki Gong is unlike Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a martial art, whereas Ki Gong is a healing art. It can be said that all Tai Chi movements are Ki Gong, but not all Ki Gong movements are Tai Chi. Ki Gong focuses on three main aspects. Combining movement with your breath and focusing the mind in the moment. This is easier said than done. Our bodies are always in the present, but our minds are sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future, but rarely in the moment.


Ki Gong helps the mind focus on the present, bringing peace to the practitioner and a sense of well being. The type of Ki Gong practiced at Egham and Addlestone is Kookhak Ki Gong, developed by Ilchi Lee. Ilchi Lee has developed the Brain Education Programme that encompasses Ki Gong as one of the proponents to wake the mind and body up to live a healthier, happier and more peaceful life.



In 2016, Peter the instructor at Egham and Addlestone, went to South Korea and came home as part of a team that were champions at the Kookhak Ki Gong competition in Dagou city, South Korea. Kookhak Ki Gong focuses on all three aspects of the Ki Gong practice. The first is training the body ready for martial arts. We practice body posture exercises to strengthen the inner core of the body. The second aspect of the practice is body healing. This is a fundamental part of the class where deep breathing is always encouraged, which is linked to movement and focusing the mind. The third part of the practice is the esoteric part of the training to sensitize the body to the energy within and around the body. Kookhak Ki gong incorporates all three of these aspects of Ki Gong in one class. Ki Gong becomes just gentle exercise if you do not connect the mind with the body and the breath.

We run classes at Achieve Lifestyle at Egham on Fridays from 10.30 am to 11.30 am. We also run classes at Zone, Addlestone on Friday also from 12.15 pm to 1.15 pm. Click here to find our more about our instructor Peter.


If you haven't done anything like this before, then that is not a problem. The classes are designed to suit all body types and fitness. Come and try this ancient practice for yourself. You can experience how an ancient philosophy and modern science are starting to meet. You never know, you too may be writing a testimonial about the class next year.



Maria Francis

This class has been wonderful. It makes me full of energy and would really appreciate another class in the week.


Eileen Evans

Excellent class. Well taught, suitable for all ages and abilities. I make sure every week that I don't miss this class.


Shirley Mclaurin

Great class. I don't like to miss a week. New way of exercising for all parts of the body and mind. Very supportive instructor.


Sandra Jackson

Excellent class. Great way of exercising. Have noticed a difference in my well being. Great instructor.