Your alarm goes off and it's still dark outside making it even more difficult to get out of get home from work and the fire is on and all you want to do is sit on the sofa with a warm dinner - sound familiar? 

Staying active during the Winter months can be challenging, especially when the lead up to Christmas comes around the corner and all of a sudden you have social events several times a week and a never-ending to do list! Getting to the gym or your usual Spinning class during December can seem like a near-impossible task! 



Although it is likely that your frequency of workouts will decrease during December, it is important that you don't abandon your fitness regieme altogether and still try and maintain some level of consistency in training. Staying active during the Winter months is still important, both for your health and your body composition. Everyone knows that more calories are usually consumed around this time - whether it's a mince pie or a few drinks with your work colleagues. In order to try and stay on track and to make January that little bit easier, you should try to still exercise a few times a week when you can and try and prioritise time for the gym.

We've put together our top tips to keep you motivated to stay active this Winter:

1) Exercise with others

Make exercise more fun and sociable by working out with a friend or partner. If you are lacking in motivation you are more likely to have a more successful workout by taking part in a class where you can be motivated by an instructor. Book onto a group exercise class such as Bodypump or Spinning® and harness the energy of the group. Be sure to enter our #WeightsAndMates challenge if you are exercising with a friend too! 




2) Get kitted out! 

If you are exercising outdoors, such as running, make sure you are prepared for the colder weather and have the appropriate clothing and trainers. It's a good idea to wear layers so that you can remove some layers as you warm up, and to also pop on a high-vis vest or wear a fluorescent jacket if you are running in the dark. Where possible, try to avoid running in poorly lit areas unless you are running in a large group. 

If you don't have anything suitable then it may be a good time to upgrade your fitness wardrobe! By treating yourself to some new gym wear, you will also be more inspired to go out and make use of your new clothes. 

If running isn't your thing but you still want to make the most of the Wintery outdoor scenery, why not go for a long walk either by youself or with the family. Walking is a great form of low intensity cardio and can be a great time to de-stress and refocus the mind, perhaps by listening to a podcast. Take a flask and wrap up warm however! 




3) Fail to prepare = prepare to fail!

Plan out an exercise schedule and stick to it. With those all-important dates in the diary for Christmas cocktails and family outings, make sure you book an appointment with yourself at the gym to! If you plan a set time to exercise and decide on what exercise you plan to do, whether it's a class or a gym session, you are much more likely to stick to it!   

If you are always glued to your phone, be sure to download our app where you can book classes on-the-go and stay up to date with our latest fitness challenges!




4) Plan family fitness activities or exercise sessions at home

If you can't make it down to the gym, bring the gym to you! Home workouts are a great option if you are short of time or childcare. Aim for a 30 minute session in your living room, either just cardio and bodyweight exercises if you have no equipment, or you can use a set of dumbells or a kettlebell if you would prefer. There are also some exercises that your older children can get involved with as well such as jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, high knees, bear crawls and walking lunges.  




5) Set yourself a challenge

Decide on a short-term goal to achieve before the end of the year. Why not try something new, or perhaps set a goal which acts as a stepping stone towards your New Year resolution? 

At Achieve POWER, we will be running a Members Month throughout December. Finish the year feeling powerful! Our gym instructors at Egham and zONE will be handing out complimentary class passes for Achieve POWER this December - stay tuned for more details! 




If you are looking for further motivation and guidance this Winter, speak to one of our friendly gym instructors on the gym floor who can give you a new programme or book you in for a personal training session.