by Michael Sherritt, Spinning Instructor


When it comes to the list of health and fitness benefits, you can quickly obtain from taking a spinning class, the list goes on and on. 


Top 12 Benefits of Spinning

  1. Increased cardio vascular endurance
  2. Increased muscular endurance, strength and tone
  3. Burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time
  4. Low impact so ideal if you have joint or knee problems
  5. Music helps motivate you to keep going
  6. The different training techniques help to keep it interesting
  7. Easy to follow by watching the instructor and listening to the constant communication from the instructor
  8. Can reduce body fat levels
  9. Can make you feel healthier, so therefore, happier too
  10. Increased mental toughness, due to extended period of times in tough climbs / hills
  11. Suits all levels of fitness, if it is too tough take the resistance down, if it is too easy take the resistance up
  12. Instructors have their own teaching technique so you can find who suits you best!


And with over 25 classes each week to choose from. You're bound to find the perfect one!


Meet our Spinning Instructors


Jenna - I have been teaching spinning for seven years now and it is all about the music for my classes. I choose up-beat tracks that you can ride along too, working as hard as you want too. My classes are suitable for all levels and you will only gain out of the class what you put in. I also teach spin circuit classes which are a combination of 15 minutes hard spinning and followed by 25 minutes of circuits working the whole body.


Claire Johnson - An awesome fast pace indoor cycling class that provides all the terrain you need – hills, climbs, flats, and much more! Set to rockin’ music, you are sure to break a sweat as you cross the finish line. A great way to increase lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance.


Hazel - As my day job is office based as CEO of Achieve Lifestyle, taking part in classes is an area that I enjoy, particularly getting to know the members and being more visible. My classes are suitable for everyone, as you work to your own ability, and challenge yourself each time. Class profiles range from strength and interval to high-end endurance, overall the sensation aim for participants after a class is achievement and enjoyment. Musically my tastes are quite eclectic, and classes are filled with a variety of genres, with rousing instrumentals, 80 & 90’s, and anthemic newer music.


Michael - When coming to my spin classes you can expect high energy levels, intense training and loud music! I am constantly talking to keep everyone motivated and push through the tough sections. Alongside being a tough workout, I try to keep it fresh and fun by adding innovative training methods, which I use to keep classes challenging from start to finish.


Sinead - Challenging and energetic. Designed to release your endorphins and push your limits.


Fran - I have a high level of experience and expertise with spin classes. Mix this with upbeat, motivational and inspiring music and you have a challenging and effective ride guaranteed to work you hard, burn calories and set you up for the rest of the day. I provide clear instruction throughout my classes and always remind participants “it’s your ride, so you work as hard as you want to”.


Josh – Combining different methods of training, mainly consisting of intervals and high-end endurance, I always make sure that my classes vary each week by delivering different structures like individual work or teamwork. I teach on and off the bike to give motivation individually or as a whole and generally use upbeat, longer tracks.


Steph - All you guys out there should come to my spinning class because I can guarantee great enthusiasm, motivation, good beats, great music and varied tracks. There is something for everyone, old or young.


Tom - Training designed for the more enthusiastic rider who is training indoors to supplement their road riding skills. Expect heavy intervals and all-out effort to build your endurance so you can go the distance. This training will be a perfect complement to your road rides, whether you are looking to stretch, tone, strengthen, or just switch things up. These diverse workouts are designed with the peloton rider in mind, and can be done before, after, or in addition to your road cycling training.


Sergio - My classes are always high energy and high intensity. My interval-orientated classes will get you working hard and having fun!


View all of these instructors' classes on our interactive timetable. Just search under spinning (activities tab).