Member's Notice:

To tie in with the upcoming opening of Egham Orbit, we will be switching over our current leisure software which will mean that our online bookings will change. 

From Thursday 24th January (from 6am onwards), will we be migrating the new system and once completed it will provide the following benefits:

➡ A more user-friendly booking system 
➡ Greater control over bookings/your account
➡ A better online experience



During the downtime if you would like to make a booking then this can be done by visiting reception or calling 01784 437695


Please be aware of the following points:


App Changes:


From 12.30pm on Wednesday 23rd January, our current Achieve Lifestyle App will not be available to use for making class or session bookings. Bookings can still be made over the phone or online during this period. The updated app will be available from during Thursday 24th January (we will update customers via social media / online once the app is live)

The updated app functions in the same way as the current app but you will need to register with an email and set up a password - your previous login details will no longer work. If you uninstalled the old app then you will need to reinstall the app, otherwise the app should automatically update. 


Online Booking Link:

From 6am on Thursday online bookings and online joining will transfered across to our new system and this will mean there will be a different web address (customers will need to change the web address if the old address is saved as a bookmark). 

Once the migration is completed we will provide details of the new web addresses and how to register


Member ID changes:


Our member ID numbers have been increased to 9 digits. Members will keep the same ID but have an additional 1000000 added to make it 9 digits.

e.g. Previous ID was 123 – New ID will be 1000000123 or Previous ID was 2001234 – New ID will be 102001234.

When you set up your online login you will need to link it to your member ID so this will be the new 9 digit ID number. 



Please bear with us whilst we transfer over to the new system – we will do everything that we can to minimise disruption and provide support for our members during this short period of change. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For any problems, please call us on 01784 437695.