Waiting Lists for Group Exercise Classes 

Updated 8th June 2018


We introduced a new automated waiting list system on 14th May 2018, to help manage the booking of available spaces for classes, which had previously been full, and spaces had then became available.


This new system provided members on the waiting list of any class taking place in the following 24 hours an alert email to say a class space had become available. The place could then be booked by the first to respond.


This helped avoid inconveniencing members, if the call was unable to be taken, and whilst valued by a few, it was noted by many to be a fairly ineffective system overall.


Please note: the functionality does not offer the option of sending the waiting list email in any priority order.


Following your feedback, we have introduced additional improvements;


The time limit has been increased from 24 hours to 7 days in advance.


To avoid inbox jamming, emails will be sent out at 2.00, 8.00, 14.00 & 20.00 (Monday to Sunday), if a space is still available on that class, and you are on the waiting list.


We value your feedback and look to introduce additional improvements where possible.